Shoot The Zombirds App Reviews

98 add

Super Game

Lots of fun!


やってました。 iPhoneになったら有料で悩みましたが買いました。 やっぱりおもしろい\(^o^)/


The old version was so much better. I miss the pumpkins and different types of birds. Also better when you moved up levels instead of starting over at 1 every time you lost. Change it back please!!!


Love this game!!!

10 Stars! Coolest game ever!

My favorite game in the whole app store! The theme, the art, the graphics are just beautiful!

Love love love this game!

I have been playing this game for years and it never gets old


I love this game! Who couldnt possibly help those pumpkins? Shooting arrows at those zombirds is addicting.

Love this game

Addictive and not so difficult that it makes you want to toss your phone out the window

Taking aim

Cant stop taking aim at those crazy Zombirds-having a blast! Just wish I could better find some ways to complete tasks.

Zombie Hug

Love love love this game, really passes the time.

Great Game

I love the graphics, the pacing, the background art, the music, the characters (zombirds, pumpkin guy, pumpkids); I love everything about this game. Its so much fun, and not at all complicated like so many games today.

One of the best game in my life

I love it

Addictif !

Après shoot the birds, cet opus est un délice !

Fun !!!

Very cool :D


Très bon jeu.


Top adiction


Jeux topissime, rend complètement accro!! Très beau graphisme .

Euh.. - -

Hyper NUL !!!!



Nice game

Very funny

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